About the Centre

Supporting Industry and Society


Prof H Peter Jost CBE

Chairman of the DES Committee that produced the Jost report in 1966

Supporter of the Leonardo Tribology Centre

The Leonardo Centre specialises in research and development in tribology and surface engineering.

The centre is based in the University of Sheffield and combines the Departments of Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Chemical & Biological Engineering. Tribology is the science of interacting surfaces and covers all aspects of friction, lubrication and wear. The Research Centre in Surface Engineering (RCSE) in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering specialises in all matters relating to the production, evaluation and characterisation of coatings and surface treatments for engineering applications. The key aim of the centre is to carry out world leading research in tribology to support industry and society.

What we do


Fundamental and applied research on friction, wear, lubrication, surface coatings and treatments convering a range of industrial sectors.


Friction and wear testing for almost any application to meet your requirements. We develop and build bespoke testing rigs to meet your exact requirements. We then carry out detailed testing programs, investigating the variables in which you are interested. After testing, a detailed analysis is undertaken of the testing results and specimen. These are then all colated in a report.


Undergraduate and postgraduate level courses on tribology for machine elements.

Prof H Peter Jost CBE

Professor Jost, generally regarded as Founding Father of Tribology, was trained as an engineer and became Director & Chairman of industrial and technology Public and Private companies.  He is now Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Michael John Trust and, inter alia, President of the International Tribology Council and a Life Member of Council of the Parliamentary & Scientific Committee at Westminster.

In addition to his appointment as a Commander of the British Empire, he has also received state honours from the Heads of State of France, Germany, Poland and Austria.  In 2011 the Order of the Rising Sun was conferred upon him by the Emperor of Japan.  He holds two honorary professorships and ten honorary doctorates including, in January 2000, the first Millenium honorary science doctorate.  He has received professional awards and honours in 15 countries.