Pin on Disk


One of the simplest and most common methods to test for wear resistance is by using a pin-on-disk wear tester. A pin of one material is loaded against a sliding flat surface or rotating cylinder. The weight loss from either the pin or the counterface is measured. Wear is usually expressed as worn volume per unit load per unit sliding distance. This is sometimes non-dimensionalised by dividing by the hardness of the softer surface.

We have several configurations of pin-on-disk wear tester; most have been built in-house for specific purposes. In this design a pin is pressed against a rotating cylinder. This type of tester is usually used for high loads and speeds resulting in adhesive type wear. In some tests the cylinder is replaced by a grinding stone material.

This gramophone type tester uses a circular flat plate which is rotated about its axis whilst a pin is pressed against the flat plate. This tester is commonly used for abrasive wear testing. An abrasive material (e.g. an abrasive paper or slurry of abrasive particles) is mounted on the flat plate and the specimen is loaded against the abrasive material.