Meet the Team

PhD Students

  • Alan Jarvis

    Insights into mechanical behaviour of advanced PEO coatings

  • Alex Baker

    Abrasion in food processing applications

  • Alex Houghton

    Wear reduction of oil riser valve components

  • Alfonce Chamisa

    Development of ultra high strength steels for reduced carton emissions in automotive vehicles

  • Ali Mohammed

    Erosive wear in aluminium die casting tooling

  • Amit Rana

    Wear resistant aluminia for hip joints

  • Andrew Williams

    Microstructure investigation in magnesium alloys

  • Aziz Abodena

    Friction and lubrication film measurement in turning tools

  • Chang Liu

    Structure and property evaluation of diamond-like carbon coatings

  • Chanon Iamvasant

    Mechanical & wear property characterisation of alloyed transition-metal Nitride & Boride PVD nanocomposite coatings

  • Chen-Jui Liang

    Modelling of Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation processes

  • Chris Hardwick

    Characteristics of friction modifiers for the wheel/rail contact

  • Chris Noble


  • Chris Rose

    Investigating the implementation and feasibility of non contact ultrasonic simulation

  • Cyrus Parikhaah

    Ultrasonic shear waves, viscosity and fluid properties

  • Daniel Gad

    Multi-physics modelling of the skin

  • Daniel Ooi

    Lubricant film measurement in wind turbines

  • Daniel Ura Hernandez

    Understanding the interaction between tennis shoes and surfaces

  • Daryoush Ahmadi

    Oxide scale behaviour during descaling and rolling

  • Diyana Tasron

  • Dlair Ramadan

    Monitoring of lubrication in metal machining operations

  • Emin Yusuf Avan

    Oil film monitoring in piston ring contacts

  • Emma Cedillo Saucedo

    High resolution characterisation of heterogeneities in functional ceramics

  • Erfan Abbasi

    Processing and structure of high strength steels

  • Fahima Indeir

    Physical vapour deposition of metal nanocomposite films for wear and corrosion protection

  • Fathi El Shukri

    Designing a novel rail joint

  • Feng Qian

    Processing and structure of high strength steels

  • Gary Bywater

    Development of oxidation resistant coatings for niobium silicide based alloys

  • Gifty Tetteh

    Using tissue engineering to examine the growth of bone around metallic implants

  • Giuseppe Tronci

    Investigating friction reduction in bolted joints manufactured in heat resistant superalloys

  • Haider RD Al-Hamadani

    Dynamic behaviour of wind turbine gearboxes under the effect of torque reversal

  • Hamza Hussain

    Bearing surface and subsurface damages due to impact and overloading conditions

  • Henry Brunskill

    Ultrasonic Charaterisation of Moving Contacts

  • Hiroyuki Suzuki

    Oil film formation and lubrication in automotive transmissions

  • Itzel Castillo Muller

    Wear Behaviour of High Performance Materials and Coatings

  • Jack Cooper

    Evaluation of DLC Coatings

  • Jack Naumann

    Monitoring of wind turbine bearing using advanced acoustic emission signal processing

  • Jacob Corteen

    Transforming toughening in metallic composites

  • Joseph Stephen Temitope

    Design and condition monitoring of novel rail joints

  • Josephine Lawal

    Physical vapour deposition of metal nanocomposite films for wear and corrosion protection

  • Juanjuan Zhu

  • Junheng Gao

    Magnesium alloys for biomedical applications

  • Lampros Kourtis

    Additive manufacturing processes

  • Leili Shirkhan

    Ceramics for Biomedical applications

  • Liam Chisman

    Low cost valvetrain design for technologies giving improved sustainability of reciprocating internal combustion engines

  • Lian Liu

    Mechanical and tribological properties of duplex diffusion-treated and coated surfaces

  • Lu Zhou

    Wheel rail contact ultrasonic measurement

  • Luke Buckley-Johnstone

    Wheel/ Rail Contact Tribology

  • Ming Sun

    Pulsed plasma electrolytic processes for coating and surface treatments

  • Mohsen Shaeri

    Mechanical stimulation for bone tisuue engineering

  • Moises Talamantes-Silva

    Finite element modelling and microstructure evolution of high integrity forgings

  • Navid Manai

    Concurrent engineering of advanced materials and processes

  • Nicola Fois

    Force measurement of abradable lining blade strikes in aero-engines

  • Nikki Hilton

    Deep hole drilling

  • Nopparat Seemuang

    Instrumentation and monitoring of manufacturing processes

  • Oliver Burke

    Characterising interactions between layers in oil riser

  • Omoniyi Fasuba

    Electrochemical corrosion evaluation of Al based coating alternatives to Cd plating

  • Paul Nnamchi

    High Temperature aerospace alloys

  • Peng Gong

    Processing and structure of high strength steels

  • Peter Krier

    Novel solutions for landing gear pin joints

  • Peter Mylon

    Function and performance of examination gloves

  • Philip Beaty

    Research into new insulated rail joint technology (Mphil)

  • Po-Jen Chu

    Plasma electrolytic oxidation of Ti for Dye-Sensitised Solar Cell applications

  • Raisa Karolia

    The use of nanoparticles in healthcare products

  • Richard Coupe

    Surface modifications for increased speed in alpine skis

  • Richard Waudby

    Modelling-based wear studies of thermal-spray hard coatings

  • Robert Milne

    Dynamical measurement of friction and wear inside sem microscopes

  • Robert Thornton

    Improving the performance of engineering materials through cryogenic processing

  • Russell Pearson

    Study of polymeric nanoparticles biomolecules interactions

  • Samira Bostanchi

    Development of new ceramic nanocomposites for the new generation prosthetic device

  • Samuel Hyde

    Characterisation and modelling of material and surface properties of kitchen knive handles to improve their functional performance and aid inclusive design

  • Sarah Banfield

    Deposition and characterisation of electrobeam deposited PVD and CVD coatings

  • Sasima Puwanun

    A tissue engineered hard/soft tissue expandable construct for repair of cleft pallet

  • Taha Abdulla

    Mechanical behaviour of PEO coated open cell Aluminium foams

  • Thomas Bruce

    Failure models and tools for wind turbine transmissions

  • Thomas Howard

    Novel bearing concepts in wind turbine applications

  • Tom Iverson (KTP associate)


  • Tony Pilkington

    Aluminia deposition technology

  • Weigang Yang

    Interfaces in hetero-structures

  • Wen Zhao

    Stability of nanocomposites for energy conversion and storage applications

  • Wendy Chen

    Oil andries and load monitoring in rolling bearings

  • William Van Grunsven

    Porous metal implants for enhanced bone in-growth and stability

  • Wing Kiu Yeung

    Characterisation and in-vitro evaluation of calcium phosphate containing coatings on Ti alloys

  • Xiaoxiao Liu

    Use of optical coherence tomography to understand skin properties that affect friction

  • Xingguang Liu

    Cr(N)- and Mo(N)-based wear studies of thermal-spray hard coatings

  • Yonghai Gao

    Deposition and evaluation of PEO coatings on Mg for biomedical applications

  • Zahra Pishgahi-Fard

    Development of new ceramic nanocomposites for the new generation prosthetic device

  • Zhe Cui

    Intense water-cooling during or after hot rolling to improve steel production