Meet The Team

Research Associates

  • Suresh Venkatachalam

    The development of novel wear resistant hardbanding material for drill pipes with low casing abrasion used in downhole drilling in oil and gas exploration.

  • Dr Raman Maiti

  • Dr Robin Mills

    Encyclopaedic-measurement of oil films in automotive piston ring-liner contacts

  • Michele Schirru

    New measurement tools for auto engine lubricants

  • Dr. John Kavanagh

    Development and tribological evaluation of duplex diffusion/coating treatments for titanium- and nickel- alloys

  • Dr Adam Beagles

    EU FP7 SustRail project looking at sustainability of rail freight transport

  • Dr Steve Lewis

    Tribology of the Wheel/Rail Contact

  • Luciana Bostan

    Skin tribology and interaction of skin with medical devices.

  • Dr. Alison Beck

    Evaluation of novel diamond-like carbon coating systems for friction and wear control in extreme environments

  • Dr. Yin Nan Kok

    Development of Al- based EBPVD coatings for replacement of electroplated cadmium and chromium

  • Dr. Heqing Li

    PVD CrN- based coatings for bio-tribocorrosion resistance and antimicrobial properties

  • Dr. Martynas Audronis

    Deposition and structur-property evaluation of advanced splutter-PVD nanocomposite coatings (EPSRC)

  • Dr. Saman Saedi

    Development of novel hardbonding materials for down-hole wear/corrosion protection in oil and gas exploration

  • Dr. Akemi Nogiwa-Valdez

    Retrieval analysis of Zirconia hip replacement implants

  • Dr. Peng Zeng

    Surface micro-structural changes of hip protheses: ceramics and metals

  • Amit Rana

  • Dr. Andrew Hunter

    Roll gap sensors project. Development of sensors for lubrication and contact monitoring in hot and cold metal rolling.

  • Dr. Jonathan Stringer

    Investigating wear mechanics of abradable linings on behalf of Rolls-Royce.

  • Dr.Juan Juan Zhu