Consultancy and Testing

The research group makes its facilities and expertise available for general consultancy work.

The following are some areas in which we can offer a specialist service.

Tribological Testing Facilities

  • Wear Testing and Wear Resistance (using pin-on-disk, and reciprocating testers)
  • Measurement of Friction Coefficient
  • Measurement of Materials Properties (hardness, elastic modulus, Poisson's ratio)
  • Rolling Contact Fatigue and Wear Testing (twin disk testing)
  • Measurement and Analysis of Surface Roughness
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection & Thickness Gauging
  • Ultrasonic Analysis of Interfaces (stiffness, contact pressure, contact conditions)
  • Lubricant Film Measurement
  • Surface Roughness Measurement and Evaluation
  • Hardness testing (micro- & nano-)

General Consultancy, Trouble Shooting, & Advice

  • Surface/Tribological Failure Diagnosis
  • Selection of Bearings, Lubricants, Wear Resistant Materials

Theoretical and Modelling Capabilities

  • Contact Modelling and Contact Mechanics Tools
  • RECESS - automotive valve recession simulation
  • RAWSIM - railway wheel wear simulation
  • Surface Roughness Analysis Software

Dedicated Component Testing

  • Railway Wheel/Rail Twin Disk Simulations
  • Motor Driven Engine Chain Test-Rig
  • Motor Driven Engine Cylinder Head
  • Valve and Seat Insert Wear Test-Rig
  • Ultrasonic Lubricant Film Thickness Measurement

Examples of Recently Completed Work

  • Material selection for polymer bearing in an oil well drilling assembly
  • Evaluation of clipper blade lubricants
  • Development of a water based lubricant for PVC processing
  • Friction testing for polymer bearing materials
  • Hard coating evaluation for food processing applications
  • Materials selection and wear testing for a valve seating system
  • Wear of conveyor track components